PCD Pharma Franchise for Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules

Pantoprazole Levosulpiride

PCD pharma franchise for Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules has emerged as a tempting opportunity in the Pharma sector. Due to the unhealthy eating habits of common people, issues related to stomach, digestion, and acidity have significantly increased. People in India tend to eat roadside and fast food pretty often, with concern about the hygiene and ingredients of that food. And that leads to many health issues, especially those related to the stomach and digestion. 

Junk food, fast food, unhygienic food, and overeating all these eating habits open a gateway to entering diseases into your digestive system. Many people suffer acidity, heartburn, and stomach aches regularly due to their inappropriate food intake. And among all these issues, acidity and heartburn are the most common health issues related to inappropriate eating habits. 

Why are acidity and heartburn so common?

Usually, acidity and heartburn are quick responses of the stomach soon after a person eats unhygienic or contaminated food. Especially if someone eats too much oily and spicy food, they are most likely to feel acidity, heartburn, and stomach aches within a couple of hours. But Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules can be used to manage acid reflux and dyspepsia. If it remains untreated for too long, it can develop stomach ulcers and GERD. and these two ailments are serious stomach ailments that can affect anyone’s normal life. 

That is why many companies are operating in the pharma industry as PCD pharma franchises for Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules to provide a vital medicine option to treat acidity and heartburn.



The reason behind Acidity and heartburn 

If we try to understand the reason behind acidity and heartburn, we must understand the workings of our stomach acid, which is also called digestive acid. We have a good amount of digestive acid in our stomach that breaks the food for further digestion into the intestines. But sometimes when someone eats too much heavy, oily, and spicy food or unhygienic food, the stomach releases a bigger amount of digestive acid and enzymes that try to break the food for a longer time, and that overly realised acid starts producing acidity and discomfort in the stomach. Later, that acid starts reflecting into the throat and esophagus, resulting in a heartburning feeling in the chest. This is how that devastating food intake causes acidity and heartburn. 



Effect of Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules on acidity and heartburn

As we have discussed earlier the significance of acidity regulator capsules for controlling excessive acid production in the stomach, many pharma manufacturers are capitalizing on these common general stomach issues as they provide PCD pharma franchises for acidity regulator capsules to meet market demand. The effect of Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules is acute on the production of excess acid in the stomach. These capsules alter the acidity regulators in the stomach and stop it from producing excessive amounts of acid, thus helping to relieve acidity and heartburn. 

In conclusion, usually, physicians advise taking an acidity relieving capsule one hour before a meal, and it protects against acidity and heartburn. Avoid oily and spicy foods along with medication for fast and long-lasting relief. There are many Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules available on the market under different brand names, but PANTOSAN-LSR is among the most popular acidity reliving capsules on the market. 

Sanes Pharmaceuticals is the best PCD pharma franchise company in India and manufactures the best-selling Pantoprazole Levosulpiride Capsules. Owning the franchise for PANTOSAN-LSR will be a very beneficial opportunity for your business. Just browse through our website and get more information about our PCD pharma franchises. 


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