How can glucose and ORS liquid save you in Summer?

Glucosan ORS

Heat waves and the scorching sun in the summer increase sales of ORS and glucose solutions. To make the most of the summer months, a lot of distributors would be searching for a respectable PCD pharma franchise for these oral rehydration liquids. This year’s heat in the summer is surpassing its own previous records. Every day, weather reports forecast excessive heat waves throughout the nation. 

Importance of drinking glucose and ORS water in summer

It is very important in the summer to keep yourself hydrated and energetic. Regular use of oral rehydration solutions is advised. Drinking a lot of fluids, like glucose water and ORS, will keep your body hydrated. Oral liquids like ORS water provide electrolyte essential salts to the body, which gives energy in the summer. These rehydration solutions are the first aid, and precautions in summer are hydration liquids. That is why oral hydration solutions are essential to staying fit and healthy in the striking heat waves of this summer.

Due to excessive sweating in the summer, many people lose vital salts and minerals from their bodies through sweat. In addition, the body loses its water in the form of sweat. This process of losing excess water and salt makes people dehydrated. We know that dehydration can be dangerous if not treated in time. Drinking a lot of water with glucose and electrolytes can save you from the danger of severe dehydration. These oral liquids are very effective and life-saving in the summer. 

Effects of ORS and Glucose water on dehydrated body

If someone is suffering from dehydration, drinking plain water will help to hydrate the body, but simple water is not sufficient to drag you out from the danger of heavy dehydration. Then a person needs to drink water with glucose and electrolytes with essential salts to refuel the body and cover the losses of essential minerals, sugar, and salt. ORS solution and electrolyte will replenish lost minerals and salt, while glucose will restore low sugar levels. In this way, a person can rehydrate himself or herself on their own. However, it is generally advisable to keep drinking water, glucose, and electrolyte liquids regularly to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. “However, it is necessary to consult a doctor before consuming rehydration liquid, especially if someone is diabetic. Drinking glucose can elevate the sugar level, which could be dangerous for diabetic patients.”  

Oral rehydration solution market scenario

Summertime is prime time for the sale of all types of liquids, especially glucose powder, electrolyte powder, and ORS solutions. Sanes Pharmaceuticals is the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India. We manufacture Glucosan ORS, Liquid Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS), which are available in powder form packs. This ORS rehydration liquid is best for recovering from dehydration, and it can also be consumed as an energy drink. It is rich in vitamin C and comes in a delicious orange flavour.  Glucosan ORS provides instant energy and quickly rehydrates the body. 

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